We offer the very best of Classical Ballet Training and lessons for young dancers in Scotland, Alba Ballet will build on your current Ballet training and lessons by giving students a true insight into the life and dedication that is required to combine Ballet training and lessons into a full blown production. From our studio which is based in the West Coast of Scotland.The studio is based at Watt Street, Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland.

This is the only Classical Ballet Studio offering Royal Academy – RAD – Classical Ballet lessons and training in the Greenock/Inverclyde area.

Greenock is only 30 min from Glasgow and has excellent road and rail links with most of the big towns and cities on the West Coast of Scotland.

All Ballet classes and Ballet lessons and training will be carried out by RAD Classical Ballet qualified teachers and by ex professional Ballet Dancers. On top this we have access to our very own Physio who is regarded as one of the top physios in the West Coast of Scotland. Obviously the health and well being of all our ballet dancers is uppermost in our minds, especially with the demands that will be placed on students while undergoing our training and lessons in Ballet.

We believe what we are offering young students of Ballet, is unique not only to Greenock and Inverclyde but to the whole of Scotland. This course will be invaluable and prepare students who from the age of sixteen will be able to further their Ballet education or careers in Scotland or else where in the UK.

The course is also open to Dancers who may not want to embark on a full time course, but want to continue to dance and perform at a high level, in conjunction with other studies or work.

One of the highlights of our last course with The Nutcracker , was that students got the chance to dance, train and perform with seasoned professional dancers.

We will be looking at repeating this again for the next production of Cinderella.

We are the only Classical Ballet Studio offering Royal Academy – RAD – Classical Ballet lessons and training in the Inverclyde area


Our Course Runs over 2 years. Training and lessons in Ballet are divided into 4 sessions, the course is designed for both male and female students 8-16 years old. Ideally students will be looking to a career in Ballet or dance, however we will welcome students over 16 who are wanting to continue in a part  time dance enviroment without pursing  full time career or learning in Ballet.

Aim is to build on students previous training in Classical Ballet

Lessons and Training will run every second Sunday from our Ballet Studio in Greenock.

Timetable 2017:

Sunday 13th and 27th August – Juniors 11am to 3pm/Seniors 2pm to 6pm

Sunday 10th and 24th September – Juniors 11am to 3pm/Seniors 2pm to 6pm

Sunday 8th and 29th October – Juniors 11am to 3pm/Seniors 2pm to 6pm

Aim to further build with specific Classical Ballet training and lessons for lead production roles

Lessons and Training will run every second Sunday from our Ballet Studio in Greenock.

Times – 2pm-3pm mixed lessons with First Year Students/3.15pm-5.15pm –  2nd Year Students Only

3 Full days 10am-4pm – these Ballet Training days will be run during School Holidays

Total of 153 hours

An extra 7 hours will be be required to allow for show reahersals

2 performances showing class work at Elite Academy of Dance end of year performances

1  performance at Beacons  in lead roles for full blown performance


At the end of Year Two, our students will have completed over 300 hours of Classical Ballet training and lessons.Learned how to look after themselves physically with guidance from our resident Physio.The Ballet training and lessons will have combined to allow students some real performance experience.We will have prepared the students mentally and physically and given them a base on which they will be able to build on in Ballet or Dance whether they stay in Scoland or move anywhere else in the UK.

After the final performance, we will present all Ballet Students with a certificate and momento of their work during the two year course. The presentations will be open to familly members and will be held at the Ballet Studio in Greenock.

We believe the Ballet lessons and training, complete with the performance is unique in the world of Ballet and will give students from Scotland a distinct advantage and grounding in Ballet and Dance.


Further lessons and training in RAD Classical Ballet are available at Elite Academy of Dance. Lessons in Classical Ballet are available to all students from 3 years old and over. Lessons and training is available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings. Students are trained and put forward for RAD exams and also take part in the end of year performances. For details about Elite Academy please contact Julie by email at or by calling 0775 324 6035.